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The great thing that Airbnb did was it empowered people to rent out their unused physical space. and industry that was in the hands of a few hotel companies was now a source of income for many and rooms were cheaper and more accessible. In the age of technology, our data is as important as ourselves. at Functionland, we empower everyone to rent unused storage space of their devices, laptops, and phones. now instead of relying on Google and Apple to store our photos and data, we can do it for each other. To achieve this complicated goal we separated the project into protocol, Blockchain, hardware, and apps. The protocol enables data sharding, encryption, storage, and retrieval. Blockchain manages monetary transactions. dedicated hardware stabilizes the network by ensuring there are devices that are always on and available in the network. and we also created files and photo apps to set an example of how the whole thing works. Users can install our protocol on any hardware, like their laptops and phone to rent out the unused storage. But since these devices might turn off and cannot create a stable network, we also created a dedicated hardware that acts as a network stabilizer and can provide higher yields for users who own it. The hardware is powered by our self-designed compute module. Functionland has built a peer-to-peer platform (Fula) that aims to disrupt traditional cloud storage and challenge the subscription-based model by enabling users to easily rent out the unused storage and compute resources of their computers. The platform promises faster speeds and lower costs than traditional cloud storage, while also giving users full control over their data; Creating a decentralized cloud alternative that provides the same UX of cloud mobile applications at much cheaper cost to users, without ads and central authority by combining blockchain, mining rewards and p2p data protocols.

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