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About is a personal recruiter for job seekers. People looking for jobs interface with a human-like recruiter (Jordan) and are given interviews with companies that meet their search parameters. Unlike chatbots (ex. ChatGPT), Jordan is not a website or an app. Jordan is a multimodal actor that communicates over SMS, email, and phone, giving the feeling of a human-like conversation. Additionally Jordan is not an assistant that answers only when spoken to. Jordan messages job seekers proactively and suggests opportunities for them along with gathering information on their current role and career targets. Through this proactive and unprompted messaging, Jordan both learns when a job seeker is on the market before other platforms and introduces new candidates to the job market. For job seekers, Jordan is a free personal recruiter. For companies looking to hire, Jordan enables them to get in front of qualified candidates before others. By serving as a primary tool for candidates to engage with their search - we have a large portion of the 'attentionspace' of the candidate. We make our money by selling access to the candidate's attentionspace rather than selling a SaaS tool or hours of a recruiter. Today that is in the form of per-hire fees that are paid when a candidate is placed. The more incentive we have to get someone hired at a company, the more we put that company in front of job seekers.

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