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CryptoEconLab offers high-end and data-driven advisory services to teams and organizations within the Protocol Labs Network and the broader crypto ecosystem. We work with projects that take advantage of the unique properties of digital assets, computer science, network science, statistics, economics, and systems engineering.

Our services include token design, mechanism/incentive design, economic audits, network analytics, and protocol governance. The team specializes in the development of economic models to support smart contracts, Layer1 protocols, decentralized applications (Dapps) and token governance collectives. Our work enables the creation of new financial markets, the development of novel digital asset products, and the exploration of new investment opportunities.

By providing research-driven solutions to other teams and helping them design robust incentives, we aim to:

1. Enable our network to grow responsibly and with robust incentives;
2. Develop our brand in the wider ecosystem as a leader in Cryptoeconomics.

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